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07/20/09 NCG's 80th Birthday Invitation
12/23/08 Frosty Surroundings - Intriguing imagery from the unpredictable October weather of Northern Colorado
07/11/08 ADG Memorial - Merced, CA 07/11/08
03/17/06 Results of 2005 Elk/Deer Hunt - From field to front room fireplace mantel
02/20/06 Mark the Calendar...You are Invited to a Family Gathering!
10/22/05 Results of 2005 Elk/Deer Hunt
10/16//05 Photos from our Weekend at Green Lake
07/04/05 Photographic Essay of Family Reunion at Number Three's
12/24/04 Calendar of Birthday's & Anniversaries (Access is Restricted) - complied by 'Sita
12/19/04 J's Cookbook (Currently 16 recipes)  - complied by G & J's niece Tif
12/04/04 Monkey's Jungle - Another family member's website!
12/04/04 Benevolence - Meet our extended family from Africa
11/21/04 The Rose by NCG - (Mom's prose)
11/05/04 South African Safari Snippets
Oldie but Goodie Video and Pictures by J - Large bull elk in Rocky Mountain National Park
Oldie but Goodie Square-Top Lakes - Backpack trip G & Kerm
Oldie but Goodie Isaac Memorial - Photos of Isaac and more...
Oldie but Goodie 1968 Ford Mustang

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